Topology Seminar, Anthony Hager (Wes): 'The sigma property in C(X)'

Wednesday, March 4, 2015
4:15 PM - 5:30 PM (ET)
ESC 638
Event Type
Philip Scowcroft,, x2172

Abstract: A vector lattice is a real linear space with a compatible lattice-order.Examples are C(X) (continuous functions from the topological space X to the reals ),and any abstract 'measurable functions mod null functions'.The sigma property of a vector lattice A is (s) For each sequence (a(n)) in A+,there are a sequence (p(n)) of positive reals and a in A,for which p(n)a(n) < a for each n.Examples:C(X) for compact X (trivial);Lebesgue Measurable mod Null (not trivial;connected with Egoroff's theorem).An application:If a quotient A/I has (s),the the quotient map lifts countable disjoint sets to disjoint sets.We consider which C(X) have (s),for example: For discrete X,C(X) has (s) iff the cardinal of X < the bounding number b. For metrizable X ,C(X) has (s) iff X is locally compact and each open cover has a sub cover of size

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