International Conference on Psychopharmacology

Monday, September 4, 2017
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM (ET)
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Emerging Markets in Psychopharmacology

Allied Academies has been instrumental in conducting international meetings for 25 years, and very excited to expand in medical and healthcare fields. Previous meetings were held majorly in North American cities like San Francisco, Chicago, Las Vegas and expanding to Europe, America and Asia Pacific continents.

International Conference on Psychopharmacology is scheduled on September 4-5, 2017 at Paris, France. International Conference on Mental Health and Primary Care is scheduled in Toronto, USA on the 16th-18th of October, 2017. World Congress on Psychiatry and Psychiatric Disorders  is planned to be conducted at Chicago,USA during Nov 2-3, 2017.


An estimation by the UNDOC reported that quarter of a billion people within the age group of 15-64 consumed at least one drug in 2014. Due to the lack of proper knowledge regarding the effects of illicit drugs almost 12% of the drug users amongst the 29million people are suffering from drug use disorders. Cannabis is the most widely used drug across the globe and according to an estimation the drug was used by 183 million in 2014.Amphetamine is the second commonly used drug with an estimation of 33million users. Opioids are among the drugs causing major health consequences. However these psychoactive drugs are quite helpful in providing relief to mental disorder and psychologically disturbed patients when consumed in a prescribed dosage. Psychotic medication has proved to be very effective in schizophrenic, anxiety and depression disorder patients.     


Everyone interested in the future of emerging healthcare techniques majorly in psychopharmacology is encouraged to attend. Connect with our social network pages to get regular industry updates.

About Allied academies: Allied academies owns and operates several academic journals and conferences. Since its establishment 1995, Allied Academies promotes peer reviewed healthcare information through meetings, scholarly journals, and training to leading academic, business and research institutes across the healthcare and life science industries.

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