Bookstore Reading, Singing and Signing Event: Dar Williams, "What I Found In A Thousand Towns"

Tuesday, October 10, 2017
7:00 PM (ET)
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Wesleyan R.J. Julia Bookstore

A beloved folk singer presents an impassioned account of the fall and rise of the small American towns she cherishes.

Dubbed by the New Yorker as "one of America's very best singer-songwriters," Dar Williams has made her career, not in stadiums, but touring America's small towns. She has played their venues, composed in their coffee shops, and drunk in their bars. She has seen these communities struggle but she has also seen them thrive in the face of post-industrial identity crises.

Here, Williams muses on why some towns flourish while others fail, examining elements from the significance of history and nature to the uniting power of public spaces and food. Drawing on her own travels and the work of urban theorists, Williams offers real solutions to rebuild declining communities.

What I Found in a Thousand Towns is more than a love letter to America's small towns, it's a deeply personal and hopeful message about the potential of America's lively and resilient communities.

Dar Williams '89 is a renowned folk musician and composer based in the Hudson Valley who has sold millions of albums and toured across the United States. Williams is also a well-known environmentalist and social justice advocate. Dar is a Wesleyan Alumna who graduated with the Class of 1989.

Dar Williams What I Found in a Thousand Towns
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