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Monday, July 15, 2019
7:00 PM (ET)
Wesleyan RJ Julia Bookstore
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Through Her Eyes: The Adventures of Margaret McKelvy Bird, Harry Bird 
In 1934 a newly married couple, a Park Avenue socialite and a young archaeologist, set off on an expedition down the coast of Chile in search of signs of early humans. They spent the first year in a 19-foot open boat along with a small dog. These letters were written along the way to Margaret's parents. The next year was spent going overland in a 1917 Model T truck which by itself gave them many an adventure. This would be the first of many such adventures over the years. 
As the son of Junius and Peggy Bird, author Harry Bird traveled with them on several expeditions. The family spent time in Chile and Peru, where they lived in tents while digging archaeological sites. After returning to the United States, Junius Bird began working for the American Museum of Natural History in New York. Harry and his brother were well known there and had free range then of the entire museum and knew all the guards. 
It was a magical world. Harry eventually obtained a degree in social psychology and went forth to change the world. Not being able to make any significant changes, he turned to computer programming which was way more lucrative. As his mother was approaching the end of her days, she spoke of letters she wrote to her parents while she and her husband were exploring the coast of Chile in a small boat. That collection of letters led to the writing of this book and the adventures Junius and Peggy had. 
An Unexpected Life, David Bouchier 
Born in London just in time to experience the German blitzkrieg, but too late to fight in the war, David started asking questions almost immediately, and has never stopped. Determined to make sense of an apparently crazy world, he decided to become a serious writer. But an incomplete education and whimsical sense of humor kept getting in the way. This memoir chronicles his childhood in post-war London, delayed education, complete failure as a soldier, three marriages, many cats, and a lifetime fascination with the human comedy. His search for answers to the Big Questions led him on an irregular, but lively journey around the fringes of religion, journalism, education, and philosophy. Arriving in America by accident in middle age, he discovered both his subject and his métier. There was nothing to do but accept his destined role as an essayist for Public Radio. His thoughtful and amused reflections on writing, travel, literature, and the Meaning of Life, have found a wide audience on radio and in print. 
David Bouchier is the award-winning essayist for the WSHU Public Radio Group in New York and Connecticut, and for many years hosted a lively and entertaining classical music program called Sunday Matinée on the same stations. His commentaries and opinion columns have appeared in dozens of news-papers, and for ten years he contributed a regular humor column to the regional edition of the Sunday New York Times. Born in London, David has worked as a tour guide, bookseller, journalist, broadcaster, lecturer, freelance writer and college teacher on both sides of the Atlantic. His most recent books are Not Quite a Stranger, stories of life in France, and a collection of essays from public radio called Out of Thin Air. He lives with his wife in Stony Brook, Long Island, and in a small village in Languedoc region of France. 
Me & Chris: A Dog’s Story by AlexChristopher A. Cozzi 
Me & Chris is the story of a dog named Alex and his master, Chris, as told from Alex's imagined perspective. In this highly visual, memoir-style album, the two share a lifetime of adventures: building gardens and stone walls, renovating houses, forming and ending relationships, and—in a novel and sometimes controversial way—teaching visual art to elementary school students in an urban public school. Me & Chris is a visually rich book, fully illustrated with color photographs, illustrations, and the artist author's original journal pages and artwork. 
Christopher A. Cozzi received his Industrial Design degree from Syracuse University in New York and his Master of Design degree from Domus Academy in Milan, Italy. As a professional designer-artist, Chris later became a visual arts educator and has worked in public elementary schools in the city of New Haven, Connecticut, for more 20 years. His dog, Alex, was his teaching assistant for 10 of those years. 

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