Bookstore Event: Local Author Program: Mind, Body, Spirit

Monday, September 16, 2019
7:00 PM (ET)
Wesleyan RJ Julia Bookstore
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We’ll cover it all at this author event! Welcoming four authors, you’ll learn how to become more fearless, unlock your inner MetaPhysician, overcome adversity, and improve your relationship with your children.


Jonathan Alpert, Be Fearless: Change Your Life in 28 Days

Most people have something that gnaws at them at night, a mess or unrealized dream somewhere in their lives that causes them to feel stuck, out of control, overwhelmed, incomplete, and dissatisfied. They want to run away, back away, and ignore what they fear--whether it's a demanding boss, unsatisfying sex life, or distant love interest, but they can't. The fear finds them anyway. It's always there, and it's the source of all of their unhappiness. It's what lies behind every problem, and it's what stands between them and the lives they were meant to live. Psychotherapist Jonathan Alpert wants readers to know one thing: you can face your fear and create your ultimate life-and you can do it quickly. You can find your dream job. You can end that dead end relationship and get the love you want and deserve. You can overcome perfectionism, procrastination, panic, worry, rejection, failure, excuses and even the people in your life who keep telling you that you can't. You can turn your dreams into reality. You can find happiness, success and love. And you don't need years of therapy or even medications to do it. BE FEARLESS is a 5 step plan that is guaranteed to transform the fearful into fearless. It's based on a revolutionary formula developed by Jonathan Alpert, and it's worked on countless patients whose amazing stories are told throughout the book.

Jonathan Alpert is a psychotherapist, columnist, and executive coach in Manhattan. He has helped countless clients overcome a wide range of challenges and achieve success. He discussed his results-oriented approach in his 2012 New York Times Opinion piece, "In Therapy Forever? Enough Already," which continues to be debated and garner international attention. Alpert is frequently interviewed by major TV, print, radio, and digital media outlets, and has appeared on the Today show, CNN, FOX, and Good Morning America discussing current events, mental health, hard news stories, celebrities/politicians, as well as lifestyle and hot-button issues. He also appears in the 2010 Oscar-winning documentary Inside Job and has been a spokesperson for major brands including Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Liberty Mutual Insurance, and NutriBullet. Alpert penned the popular "No More Drama" column for Metro newspapers from 2006 to 2013 and continues to provide advice to the masses through his and Thrive Global columns. Follow him on Twitter @JonathanAlpert and learn more at    

Lisa Blackman, The MetaPhysician Within 

The MetaPhysician Within, A Reference for Healing is a groundbreaking book that contains the medical intuitive readings of spiritual healer and teacher, Lisa A. Blackman. The MetaPhysician Within reveals with full scope the shadow side of illness, root causes, and divine reasoning behind our physical, mental, and emotional challenges and conditions while providing easy-to-follow tools for self-healing, discovery, and transformation. The MetaPhysician Within is an empowering and illuminating guide that allows easy comprehension and rapid soul evolution. The teaching and concepts in this book are revelatory and will assist the reader in fully awakening, activating, and achieving the The MetaPhysician Within themselves. They can then live freely and unencumbered as their divine self, manifest the true dreams of the soul and achieve their destiny. This book was designed for professional and personal use and serves as a true source for transmutation and enlightenment.

Lisa A. Blackman is an internationally know intuitive healer and spiritual teacher. She leads people in self-discovery, healing and transformation of the mind, body and spirit. Previously, Lisa published Spirit Life:Ecstatic Poetry and Prayers. She is currently working on The MetaPhysician Within Book 2, In The Eyes of The Divine, Mystical Poetry and Prayers to Heal the Spirit and Enliven the Soul and republishing her first book, Spirit Life. Lisa is also an artist and lives in Connecticut with her family. Website

Tracy W. Mehr-Muska, Weathering the Storm

Resilience enables us not only to survive adversity, but to be transformed by it. Weathering the Storm offers simple and proven strategies to develop resilience that will be of enormous benefit to anyone who is yearning to feel more peaceful and prepared. Coast Guard veteran, interfaith chaplain, and pastor Tracy Mehr-Muska shares the stories of her own struggles with self-esteem, sexual assault, and miscarriage that inspired her to research resilience and to enthusiastically reach this conclusion: resilience is not something that is inborn, but instead is a set of characteristics we can cultivate. Mehr-Muska brings these characteristics to life using inspirational secular and multi-faith stories, as well as compelling scientific evidence. She ties each chapter together with an uplifting story of a personal friend that bravely and gracefully overcame obstacles and embodies each of these essential characteristics.

Tracy W. Mehr-Muska, DMin, serves as a university chaplain at Wesleyan University. She is an ordained Presbyterian pastor, board-certified interfaith chaplain, Coast Guard veteran, wife, and mother. Her passion for learning about and teaching resilience has been inspired by the strong and spirited people she has served and worked alongside while in the military and while ministering in a trauma hospital, prison, psychiatric hospital, university, and hospice.

Adelia Moore, Being the Grownup: Love, Limits and the Natural Authority of Parenthood 


Children need adults to survive. This, despite the profound change our digital era has wrought on family life, remains the essence of parenthood. Being the Grownup The Natural Authority of Parenthood begins not with what should be, but with what is: If you are a parent, it is your job to provide shelter and safety, to make decisions about education, childcare, health and nourishment, to create the habitat that is the context and crucible of family life. Being the Grownup helps parents translate their determination to care for and protect their children into the clarity they need to communicate authority with a firm confidence, whether for bedtime, screen-time, or mealtime.
Being the Grownup zeroes in on the core challenge for every parent, the hard work of building a relationship that combines trust and connection with confident authority children can feel and rely on. Relationships take time, and so does learning about relationships. No one book can tell you what to do in every situation with every child. There are simply too many variables. That's why it's important to know more about what to think about parenthood and the relationship you have with each of your children: Being the Grownup helps you do that.
Adelia Moore, PhD, is a clinical psychologist in New York City specializing in therapy with couples, parents of children of all ages, and families. She also works with young adults still working out relationships with their parents. Moore received her BA in English from Harvard, a master's degree in Child Development from the University of Pittsburgh, and a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Cincinnati. Moore has worked in diverse settings including a community health center, a homeless shelter, a children's hospital in Newington, CT, and private practice. She was an adjunct professor of psychology at Trinity College, Hartford, CT, St. Joseph's University, West Hartford, CT, and New York University. Moore's essays have appeared in the Christian Science Monitor and HuffPost. She has four grown sons and five grandchildren. She lives in Manhattan and Upstate New York with her husband. Look for her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and at


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