Bookstore Event Kids: Local Author Event with Liza McMahon, Mary Jo Helchowski, Maggie Kemp, Leslie Woods, and Colby and Jeff Ambroziak

Sunday, February 24, 2019
2:00 PM (ET)
Wesleyan RJ Julia Bookstore
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Bookstore Event
Wesleyan RJ Julia Bookstore

Liza McMahon, The Octopus in Mrs. O’Hurley’s Classroom
This children's book tells the story of Timothy. On his first day of first grade, he sees what he believes are a large number of animals around the school building. Eventually, he encounters the school nurse, who helps him solve the mystery. The book is appropriate for kindergarten through third grade.
Liza McMahon has been a registered nurse since 1987, 17 years as a school nurse. She is now a member of the faculty at the University of Hartford, a facilitator for Theatre of the Oppressed Workshops, a mediocre marathon waddler, a wannabe Appalachian Trail section hiker and an explorer of life’s opportunities.
Mary Jo Helchowski, Mae Flowers
Written and illustrated by Mary Jo Helchowski, a children's book titled 'Mae Flowers', about a fairy who needs a flower dress for the ball.  The invitation from the Fairy Queen states that every fairy must wear a different colored dress, and Mae is very excited.  But after seeing all of her friends in their dresses, she worries when there are no colors left for her!  How will she solve her problem?  She'll have to be creative!
$1 from every book will go to Storm the Heavens, an organization fighting to end DIPG, a devastating and uniformly fatal childhood brain cancer.  Philomena, the little girl for whom the fund was created, is featured as a fairy in the book!  Visit for more information or to donate!
Mary Jo Helchowski is a graduate of the Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts, and have a BFA in illustration who writes and illustrates children's books & creates greeting cards. She looks back on her experiences and remembers her childhood, reminding herself of what she would have loved as a little kid, and puts that into her work. She works in watercolor and pen to create whimsical images perfect for storybooks and paintings, and photoshop to add finishing touches and create more graphic illustrations for everything from book covers to Playbills to t-shirts.
Maggie Kemp, Sam, Fisherwoman The Reel Story
A young girl goes fishing from the family dock on her own and solves problems as they arise. Colorful potato print collages illustrate the delightful tale of this engaging little girl and her quest for independence.
Maggie Kemp has always had a love of animals and nature. She came to New Hampshire in the 1990s to practice medicine. Today, Maggie lives on a pond in Lempster, NH with her husband and their dogs, Russell and Phoebe. There, she writes poetry and literature for children. A number of her poems can be found in journals, newspapers, and anthologies. She also kayaks, watches loons and other critters on their pond.
Leslie Woods, Paper Zoo, The Message of Monteverde, Open the Gates of San Jeronimo: An Adventure to Costa Rica, and The Magic Fishbowl
Paper Zoo is an English/Spanish bilingual picture book illustrated with stunning, detailed watercolors of animals found in South Africa. This story unravels the importance of taking chances in life, as main character Loli, along with the help of magical hummingbird, Colibrí, guides her beloved paper animals to "take a leap of faith" and run free in their homeland. A delightful rhyming song is embedded into the story, with the music and lyrics printed at the back of the book. Interesting facts about each animal are also included. Join Loli and Colibrí on this wondrous adventure to South Africa.
The Message of Monteverde
When Loli is frustrated by trying to please everyone, Colibri the magical hummingbird tells her about the Monteverde Cloud Forest in faraway Costa Rica. With Colibri, Loli travels by zip line to Monteverde, where she encounters animals and insects all living symbiotically amidst beautiful flora and fauna. The Message of Monteverde reveals itself and Loli realizes that kindness and compassion are what matter most.
Open the Gates of San Jeronimo: An Adventure to Costa Rica
One snowy day in Connecticut, little Loli sits dreaming of her Grampa's coffee farm in Alajuela, Costa Rica, a very special place in her heart. Suddenly a magical hummingbird named Colibrí appears and transports Loli and her friends from the cold winter to sunny Central America, where they discover the many joys of opening up their hearts and souls to a new language and culture. This bilingual story and song will engage children of all ages! The whimsical watercolor pictures brings the Costa Rican countryside to life. A hummingbird is embedded in each picture helping to engage even the youngest children. The notations of the song and Costa Rica Fun Facts are included.
The Magic Fishbowl
The bilingual (English/Spanish) whimsical tale with bright, captivating watercolors gently touches on the value of recognizing and overcoming fear, highlights marine conservation, and portrays multicultural friendship. The main characters, two young girls, Loli and Sasha are nervous about taking swimming lessons. A mysterious hummingbird, Colibri takes them on a magical under-the-sea adventure. The girls discover how much fun swimming can be, plus they learn the importance of protecting our oceans. Cleverly woven into the storyline is a beautiful rhyming song about the fascinating sea animals the girls encounter. Music and lyrics of the under-the-sea song plus fun ocean and animal facts are included.
On a camping safari at the Amakhala and Shamwari Reserves, author Leslie Woods felt deeply humbled amidst the serenity and wisdom of wildlife in its natural habitat. She instantly recalled her childhood game of playing with paper animals. Mrs. Woods, wife and mother, teacher of Spanish and French, singer and songwriter, will always treasure the magical days she spent in South Africa.
Colby and Jeff Ambroziak, Exploring Texas in 3D
Join Colby as he explores the state of Texas in 3D. Explore the life and culture. Meet famous Texans. Relive the Alamo and the Battle of San Jacinto. Learn about the sports and wildlife. Just grab your 3D glasses (included) and enjoy!
Colby Ambroziak
Born in 2003, Colby is a Connecticut Yankee by birth and a lifelong San Antonio Spurs fan by choice. When not cheering for the Spurs, he is a Yankees fan who counts Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera and Aaron Judge amongst his favorites. His life is a series of adventures on the baseball diamond, the basketball court and the gridiron.
Jeffrey Ambroziak
Jeffrey is a noted inventor, author, cartographer and attorney. He is the co-inventor of the revolutionary and patented Ambroziak Infinite Perspective Projection-the first map projection in history to show planetary surfaces in true 3D. These days he is best known, simply, as Colby’s dad.

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