Bookstore Event: Local Author Night with Dr. Carolee Duckworth, Michelle Jacobik, Patrina Dixon, and Anthony Price

Wednesday, February 27, 2019
6:00 PM (ET)
Wesleyan RJ Julia Bookstore
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Bookstore Event
Wesleyan RJ Julia Bookstore

Dr. Carolee Duckworth, Shifting Gears: To Your Life & Work After Retirement     
Whether you are about to retire, already retired, urged to retire or involuntarily downsized, the retirement experience is a seismic shift from known to unknown. Shifting Gears to Your Life & Work After Retirement will clarify and demystify the confusion, even the panic, surrounding this crucial transition, and help you design your ideal retired life path.
Income may not be first on your list for what you will miss most about working. Even more critical, how will you replace your sense of social connection, purpose, mental stimulation, relevance? And how will this sea-change effect your essential relationships?
While there are many books to help you with your retirement finances, what about your retirement life? What will engage you and make this final third of your life meaningful and right for you?
Shifting Gears will be your guide through the possibly shattering, but ultimately exhilarating, process of defining and pursuing the path best suited to who you have become, and who you want to be when you “grow up” again, this time.
Dr. Carolee Duckworth retired from a long career creating programs to empower people to become their own more complete and fulfilled selves. She designed courses and programs for technical colleges and industries to increase critical thinking and technology skills, and launched to increase access for students of all ages and life situations to enhancing their skills and advancing their careers. Since retiring and "shifting gears" herself, Carolee has focused on writing books, articles, and courses that empower individuals of all ages to reach for their dreams. In addition to Shifting Gears, she has co-authored, with Brian Lane, the Your Great Trip series, starting with Your Great Trip to France.
Michelle Jacobik, Prosperity After Divorce: Take Charge of Your Finances & Create the Life You Really Want Using LifeStyle Re-Design Planning
What does prosperity mean to you? When prosperity and finance coach Michelle Jacobik got divorced in 2009, she went on a quest to rediscover her prosperity from the inside out. What she found was that our finances are a powerful gateway to reclaiming ourselves and finding fulfillment in all areas of our lives.
Why? Because money is linked to our deepest identifications with security, fulfillment, stability, and freedom. And when we look closely, our money habits, fears, and desires can tell us a lot about who we are and where we want to go.
With a practical, funny, no-nonsense approach, Michelle weaves her own story and stories from her clients around the practical aspects of her Lifestyle Re-Design Planning™ process to help women of all ages and means find true prosperity after divorce.
Regardless of how much you have in your bank account right now, you can find real prosperity--the kind that supports and nourishes you from the inside out, and lasts a lifetime.
Michelle Jacobik is a highly sought-after Budget Coach. Her financial solutions & divorce support programs have successfully led individuals around the country in rebuilding their financial foundations. Using the budgeting tools, debt reduction planning, and saving techniques within her signature LIFESTYLE RE-DESIGN PLANNING™ process, she helps clients forge their way toward their goals. Learn more about Michelle’s work at
Patrina Dixon, It'$ My Money - A Guided Journal to Help You Manage Your Finances
A Guided Journal to Help You Manage Your Finances is the first in a series of journals dedicated to financial literacy and money management. It’$ My Money is designed to enrich teenagers with simple but smart financial information while providing inspiring quotes and guided questions. Financial scholars will be able to explore topics and increase their application of financial tools through specific action steps. It’$ My Money equips teens with the content and confidence needed to manage their finances!
Patrina Dixon, Certified Financial Instructor, is an advocate for financial literacy with a passion for serving her community. Dixon currently holds a Financial Management Certificate from Cornell University and uses her company, P.Dixon Consulting to offer money management strategies to people of all ages. Patrina has an extensive background in account management and engagement. She’s involved in molding the next set of financial leaders with several local agencies in her hometown. It’s My Money journal series allows Patrina to educate and enlighten families on their finances. Patrina Dixon is a devoted wife and mother who resides in Connecticut.
Anthony Price, Get the Loot and Run: Find Money for Your Business
Whether you're a startup or a billion-dollar business, Get the Loot & Run will show you how to source capital while building an extraordinary business focused on solving problems for customers. 
Anthony Price distills wisdom from years of hard-earned experience on the front lines of advising companies. This book is your field manual to slay the capital dragon and free customers from mediocre businesses. The thought-provoking message is simple: Fix your business model and capital will flow. 
Anthony Price has worked in the alternative lending and economic development space for 12 years as an executive and entrepreneur. He has help businesses access tens of millions of dollars. He has worked with all types of businesses from restaurants, manufacturers, high tech companies, construction firms, fitness gyms and countless other businesses. His small business counseling experience is extensive, including strategic planning, marketing, business plan preparation and locating capital.
In 2006, Anthony put his expertise to work as a volunteer in Lake Charles, Louisiana, to help small businesses recover from the devastating impact of Hurricane Rita. He continues to work with SCORE to help small businesses grow. Anthony earned a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Management from Post University and a Master's Degree in Organization Behavior from the University of Hartford. 
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