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Monday, August 5, 2019
7:00 PM (ET)
Wesleyan RJ Julia Bookstore
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The Vanity of Robbers, Robin Cannon 

Miranda Grimes is a wealthy heiress and the head of a powerful enterprise. Tired of shouldering the burden of her riches, which she blames for having irrevocably corrupted her two sons, Miranda decides to completely divest herself of the fortune that bears her name. After discovering her intention, her dissolute sons, along with the greedy family doctor, devise a plan to place Miranda in a sanitorium, thus getting her out of the way while giving them complete access to the money she no longer wants them to have. Murder and mayhem ensue, drawing Miranda’s long-time friend and lawyer, and a meddling detective into the mix. Can they save her from her sons? Will she ever shed the heavy mantle of her vast fortune or feel loved by anyone ever again? After a worldwide quest for redemption, a sudden and dark twist of fate decides Miranda’s future once and for all. 
Robin Cannon received her B.A. and M.S. degrees from Fordham University and her Sixth Year Degree in Education Administration from Southern CT State University. She has been a school teacher for 33 years. Robin lives with her husband, Bob, daughters, Haley and Molly, and son, Colin, in Connecticut. She previously published three books; Tilly Fig, Rye Hill and Fireflies at Nightfall. 
The Changing Tide, Lewis Beilman III 
The Changing Tide includes 10 short stories and a novella. The work represents several visions of a changing United States and features characters who either embrace or reject the changes they experience. Issues addressed include immigration, racial and ethnic divisions and sexual identity, among others. Some of the stories reach firm conclusions, while others end enigmatically. However, all are intended to appeal to a reader’s sense of empathy without being maudlin or dogmatic. 
Lewis J. Beilman III lives in Hamden, Connecticut, with his family, dog, and cat. He writes fiction in his spare time. His stories have appeared in Foliate Oak Literary Magazine, ArLiJo, Reed Magazine, and other literary publications. His short story collection, The Changing Tide, was published by Adelaide Books in November 2018. He is a former first-prize winner of the Fred R. Shaw Poetry Contest. Outside of writing, Lewis enjoys reading, playing soccer, and volunteering in his community. He has a law degree from the University of Maine Law School and a bachelor’s degree in political science from Sacred Heart University—but he is first and foremost a writer. 
The Hollow Middle, John Popielaski  
The Hollow Middle follows Albert Lesiak, an aging English teacher in Connecticut, who receives a windfall in delayed acknowledgment of the government’s complicity in his father’s cancer death and decides that it is time to live a different life on land he owns in Maine. When his wife Mary suggests that they could foster or adopt autistic twin boys she fell in love with on a website and could use the stipend money in furtherance of Albert’s vision, Albert gradually perceives himself as possibly adapting to the role of patriarch. 
John Popielaski was born in Port Jefferson Station, New York. He attended SUNY-Stony Brook and American University. John has worked as a mover, lackey to a well-heeled tropical biologist, lobsterman and teacher. His poems have appeared in such journals as The Hollins Critic, New South, Post Road and Redivider. He is the author of several poetry collections, including Isn’t It Romantic? which won the Robert Phillips Chapbook Award from the Texas Review Press. The Hollow Middle is his first novel.  

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